The best Diet for FAT LOSS


Let’s dive  into what is the best diet for fat loss

 is it keto? Is it fasting? Is it paleo? is it vegan ?is it Carnival? is it carb cycling?

Well the truth is I don’t know….here we are, I own a high-end personal training studioy and java worked with thousands of clients over the years and yet my answer to you is, I do not know what the best diet for fat loss is…. and that’s because I don’t know which one you’re willing to follow, 

so if you want to be successful with any fat loss jouney The first rule is you have to be able to stick to your diet. 

So if you’re somebody that likes carbs, chances are keto is not going to work for you, 


If you’re somebody that likes consistency, carb cycling is not going to work for you… So at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, Where are you today, how did you get here, but most importantly, what are your preferences,


Im about to give you  3 simple steps to help you find the best diet for you, and ultimately the one that will produce fat loss


#1 is attention…to your inte … where are you today? what goals do you have,? what is your dietary history?  how did you get here? 


I think a lot of people when they get themselves ready to start a “diet” into a diet the start with basic demographic questions like height, weight, age…you know all the typical things you need for the basal metabolic rate formula, they sign up to a new gym, and even buy new workout cloths


they don’t ask themselves how did I get here and where do i truely want to end up”…, for example, are you someone that has struggled with an eating disorder in the past? If so then bringing awerness to that will help bring understanding that you are about to step into a journey that could trigger any previous disordered tendencies, And without bringing awareness to that it might not work out real well. Or are you someone that has sport specific goals? If so, then might  have to let go of any attachment to abs as you might perform better at your sport being fueled at a higher calorie intake then what would allow you to be shredded and ready to stand on stage at a bodybuilding or figure competition!! ….So step number one is awareness. 


#2 is education. Yes, you do have to know the basics as to how EVERY. SINGLE. diet works…any successful fat loss diet is really going to have three components, 

1- the diet is going to put you into a calorie deficit 

2- you need to have adequate levels of protein intake and 

3- is should take into account for the recovery that you need to continue on your journey 


if  science tells us one thing, it tells us that when it comes to fat loss, when you are in a calorie deficit AND when protein intake is adequate, that it should not matter what your ratio of fats to carbohydrates are ….now that’s great and I love science, but I’m going to tell you with over a decade of experience that the real key here is understanding recovery, if you’re somebody that is super stressed out, or if you’re somebody that’s doing lots of intense exercise, I’m going to recommend that you have more carbs and less fats, 


if you’re somebody that doesn’t do a lot of movement, or if you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of stress, you’re probably going to do better with slightly less carbohydrate and slightly more fats, but once again the real key components are calorie deficit, and protein intake. 


So we’ve gone from awareness to education. Now the third thing I need to ask you is this, what are your desires, what are your non negotiables?….do you need a date night.? Do you need a night out with your friends? do you need a night out with your significant other,? do you need to be eating meals with your children?, what does your life look like because at the end of the day long term dietary success is not about you putting yourself into a diet, but rather molding a diet around you and what your habits and preferences are, and when we understand the awareness, what got us here, when we have the appropriate education when we take into account our individual desires, at that point in that point only can we build the appropriate application of your best fat loss diet. So hopefully those tips help you out and dont forget to hit the like button, leave a comment or reach out if you have any questions youd prefer not to post in a public space! PEACE!!

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