The BEST Transformation program in Kelowna where you can FINALLY have your own amazing before/after transformation pic!!

1-0n-1 Accuntability

Get paired with your own acccountability coach that will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what WANT to hear :)

Individual Approach

Every client recieves CUSTOM workout plan, PERSONALIZED nutriton plan designed SPECIFICALLY for them!! NO COOKIE CUTTER FINTESS WITH US!! .

Workouts with a trainer

Personal Training FEEL, without the personal training COST!

Program Options


After seeing my mom's health deteriorate while she took care of my dad in his last years battling muscular dystrophy, I saw first hand what it's like to lose your health while struggling to find yourself. After decades of tinkering with different training regimens, and nutrition protocols I figure out the best way to attain those jaw-dropping transformation results we all want and deserve! After a lengthy career in acute-care health care as a Respiratory Therapist, and Having completed all the certs and education you'd want in a Fitness professional, I learned one thing for sure…. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care!!

After my second kid, I found myself 65lb overweight, at 205lbs, and hating what I saw in the mirror so much i wouldn't turn on the light when I went into the bathroom!! in the process of getting back to my pre-baby weight, I tried EVERYTHING under the sun, and believe me, I made ALL the mistakes you could imagine…in the process of my personal transformation I FINALLY found the secret to FAST, and LASTING results. I teach and lead my clients so they can avoid the mistakes I made and reach their personal goals in as little time as possible!!

"Anthony grew up on a small farm in New Brunswick playing any sport he could as a kid. As a teenager his passion for hockey allowed him the opportunity to travel and play at a competitive level until the age of 25. Anthony joined OC Fit as a coach in January 2018 and has more recently moved to Canyon Falls Middle School as a full time Physical & Health Education teacher. Summers, Anthony runs hockey schools in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Anthony's passion for helping both kids and adults in reaching their true potential makes him a great asset to OC's philosophy of personal health plans using the three pillars of training, nutrition, and accountability.

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