The BEST Transformation program where you can FINALLY have your own amazing before/after transformation pic:

OC Fit is different, Let us Prove it!!

Have you ever wanted to be the "fit" friend?
We have 2 options that are GUARANTEED to get you there!!


Enjoy the ENTIRE gym to yourself!! Plus, reap all the benefits of a completely CUSTOM program with workouts and a nutrition plan designed specifically for you and your goals! Your trainer will be your own 1-on-1 Accountability coach for the +165 hrs/week you’re not in the gym, making sure you stick to the plan you build together!!


The same CUSTOMIZED program with workouts and nutrition plan designed specifically for you and your goals, and your own PERSONAL accountability coach in your back pocket!…the ONLY difference between private and semi-private options is we share the gym and trainer with 2-3 other clients in the semi, BUT AT HALF THE COST!!! BOOM! (insert mic drop)

Meet Our Team!

Dan Drynan

Founder, Head Trainer

After seeing my mom’s health deteriorate while she took care of my dad in his last years battling muscular dystrophy I know first hand what it’s like to lose your health and struggling to find yourself. After decades of tinkering with different training regimens, and nutrition protocols I figure out the best way to attain those jaw-dropping transformation results we all want and deserve! After a lengthy career in health care as a Respiratory Therapist, and Having completed all the certs and education you’d want in a Fitness professional, I learned one thing for sure…. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!!

Michelle Whitworth

Trainer, Lead Results Co-ordinator

After my second kid, I found myself 65lb overweight, at 205lbs, and hating what I saw in the mirror so much i wouldn’t turn on the light when I went into the bathroom!! in the process of getting back to my pre-baby weight, I tried EVERYTHING under the sun, and believe me, I made ALL the mistakes you could imagine…in the process of my personal transformation I FINALLY found the secret to FAST, and LASTING results. I teach and lead my clients so they can avoid the mistakes I made and reach their personal goals in as little time as possible!!

Dont take it from us, check out our clients' experience in their own words!


Clients Results


Yes, because we build out custom programs, we can work with almost everyone

Yes, we have set the gold standard for what ALL gyms SHOULD be doing to keep their clients safe. As long as there isn’t a province-wide mandated order that ALL gyms are required to be closed, we are open. We have no more the 4 people in the gym at ANY time. your workout with the same 2-3 other people every workout to create your own “gym-bubble”. Think about this…The large group class model works for the business, NOT the client!!

We start all new clients on Mondays. the week before you start, you will get your Nutrition on-ramp where we will take your starting body composition measurements, your before pic, dig into your goals, and go over the first phase of your nutrition plan. We can only work with 50 active clients, so once we fill up, typical wait times are ~2-4 months.

Results Guaranteed!

Over the years we have learned that if someone FULLY embraces the OC Way, by implementing the “3 OC Core Principles”, we GUARANTEE RESULT or we will work with your for FREE until you reach your goal! So, as long as you follow the plan and execute it as it is laid out, you will hit your goal!!

What are the 3 pillars you ask? good question! We have found that the combination of Workouts, Nutrition, and Accountability is a recipe for FAST and LASTING results!! So, we provide ALL of our clients with fully customized Programs that are built to your goal, that come complete with a CUSTOM workout program, CUSTOM DESIGNED nutrition plan that will grow with you as you learn all the skills around eating that will allow you to literally have your cake and eat it to, combined with daily accountability and motivation from your personal and 1-on-1 accountability coach

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